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Welcome to Huf North America Die Cast Corp.

With experience since 1990 in die casting (Karman) Huf North America Die Cast Corporation develops and manufactures zinc die cast components for multiple industries throughout the world and has grown from the tradition of a family business to become a leading source for quality die casting. From April 1st, 2015 we are an independent company within the Huf Group. Huf North America Die Cast Corporation is located in Milwaukee (WI) and employees over 60 people. On an area of over 98,000 square feet the company generated a turnover of over 9 Million $USD in 2015. 


  • Zinc die casting
  • Chromium freeplating
  • Tooling / Tool Design
  • CNC / Tool Repair
  • Secondary Machining
  • Quality layout



During 25 years of experience we have supplied products to our customers worldwide:

Automotive Industry

  • Huf Mexico (BMW, Chrysler, Fiat, Ford, General Motors, Volkswagen)
  • Huf North America Automotive Parts Manufacturing Corp. (BMW, Chrysler, Fiat, Ford, General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen)
  • Huf Hülsbeck & Fürst GmbH & Co KG (Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen)

Non Automotive Industry

  • Tier 2 supplier to a variety of other companies
  • Supplier to several non-automotive accounts



Zinc Die Casting

In an production area of more than 49,000 square feet Huf North America Die Cast Corp. has capabilities in Zinc Die Casting, Chromium (VI)-free Plating, Tooling / Tool Design, CNC / Tool Repair, Secondary Machining and Quality Layout.


Process Capabilities:

  • Frech machines 20 ton to 200 ton
  • Techmire machines for small intricate parts
  • Automatic part washer
  • Thermal-Deburr
  • Shot blasting
  • In-house re-melting
  • Unique knowledge developed over last 25 years for automotive de-gating and robotic material handling

Mold Production

  • High efficiency in house tool making
  • Mold sourcing in low cost countries
  • Engineering and assistance
  • Flexibility in precision and design processes, engineering changes


The CNC department utilizes the 3D mold Data from tool design to:

  • CNC mill the part geometry directly into the steel inserts of the mold.
  • CNC mill the part geometry into pieces of graphite which are then put into our CNC die sinking machines to burn the part shape into the hardened steel mold blocks.
  • Use the 3D data to program our CNC wire machines to wire parting line faces of the mold blocks, to cut out cores and core pockets along with any necessary ejector pin holes. Once these programs are made, we can use the accuracy of these machines to reproduce spare parts for our repair department with minimal downtime.

Latest Casting Technology

  • Prefilling Molding to reduce porosity
  • Soft Closing to protect tool and parts from damaging
  • Process Monitoring (RC Control) to complete shot profile and control any parameters for high quality casting
  • Suck Back Option to eliminate waste of runner material and tool damage


You can view our certificates as PDF.


Huf North America Die Cast Corp.

9020 W. Dean Road,

Milwaukee, WI 53224, USA,

Tel.: +1 414-365-4950,



Huf North America Die Cast Corp.

9020 W. Dean Road,

Milwaukee, WI 53224, USA,

Tel.: +1 414-365-4950,




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