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New rear-view mirror function - Huf Develops Door Handles with Exterior Mirror Camera

How can you solve the problem of exterior mirrors' "blind spot," and improve visibility of traffic approaching from behind and passing? The engineers at Huf Hülsbeck & Fürst GmbH & Co. KG asked themselves this question and at the International Suppliers Fair (IZB) in Wolfsburg, Germany, they presented a world-first innovation: a door handle with an integrated camera.

The flush-mounted door handle from Huf is multi-talented. As standard, it is outfitted with electronics for a passive vehicle entry system and it can be controlled with gestures. The door handle extends as soon as the system in the exterior handle recognizes that the driver with the correct key is nearby, and is requesting that the handle be extended with the correct gesture. When the handle is lifted, the door opens electronically. When this first function is carried out, a lock cylinder becomes visible that was hidden behind the handle, which allows the vehicle to be opened mechanically in the unlikely event that the electronic method fails. When the driver gets into the car, the handle extends slightly, and the camera behind the handle is shifted into the correct position. It transmits an image of traffic behind the car to a display in the door or on the dashboard. In this way, the camera in the door handle functionally replaces the exterior mirror. The camera also offers better resolution and an optimal field of vision, eliminating the blind spot. "Automotive industry vehicle engineers have long considered how the function of the exterior mirrors could be more optimally integrated into the vehicle," explains Ulrich Müller, head of development at the automotive supplier Huf.
"The flush-mounted design of the door handle is an improvement over the exterior mirror in terms of aerodynamics, optimizing fuel consumption. Additionally, the car can be more easily parked, since the door handles are automatically closed when it is at rest." The current status of the door handle can also be highlighted with a visual signal; a green light if the doors are closed, a red light if they are locked.