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Os Nossos produtos

A Huf oferece aos seus clientes produtos para abertura, arranque e fecho dos veículos. Combinando os produtos mecatrónicos entre si, formam-se subsistemas que se integram como sistemas parciais na arquitectura do veículo.Aqui pode ver uma variedade de produtos que a Huf oferece.




Car Access
Authorization Systems
Driver Authorization
Passive Entry Systems
Door Handle Systems
Power Tailgate Systems
Mechanical Locking Systems
Telematic Systems

Desenvolvimento do Grupo Huf

We develop our products in close cooperation with customers. Over 500 engineers and designers work at our development departments in Germany, the US, Brazil, Korea, India, Romania and China. Huf is a comprehensive service provider that supports automotive manufacturers on-site with Resident Engineers.




Our original core competence was in the development of mechanical products. In the early 1980s we started building up additional electronics expertise, so that now we are a leader in the development of mechatronic products in the CASIM category (CASIM stands for Car Access, Security and Immobilization). At Huf, product development is an all-in process including hardware and software.





We use the latest techniques in our development. Our engineers develop innovative telematics solutions for fleet operators. We offer universal sensors for tire pressure monitoring systems that are sold on the spare parts market. Our ongoing development work has also brought notable improvements in vehicle theft prevention. With simulation tools we can model the behavior of a product during development to calculate tolerances very early in the process, leading to optimum performance. 


The finite element method is used for tensile calculations. Using Fused Deposit Modeling (FDM) we make mockups that show how the product will look later. Our model builders make prototypes and assembled preproduction samples so we can see how products will behave later. Our testing department puts products through their paces under extreme conditions to determine their durability, functioning, sealing and other qualities. We also do design studies in which we develop suggestions for possible product designs and materials.


Approximately 7,500 employees worldwide work in the Huf Group companies. Standards and modern technologies competitive and high quality products for the automotive industry are manufactured.

Huf has technologies injection molding, surface treatment, painting and assembly and production of electronic components. Each day Huf produces an average of 120,000 keys or contacts 60,000 and 24,000 burglar hands reeds.

Continuous production methods are performed in all Huf plants to increase the competitive process.




Serviço ao cliente

Huf ships products within 48 hours anywhere in the world. Generally the components to car manufacturers or dealers / repair shops are sent. Accessories are delivered up to 15 years after production of the series. Huf does not deliver directly or car owners not to historic vehicles.


Car keys are subject to high safety requirements. The locking cylinders have Huf tabs that ensure high reliability under conditions of daily life. You can only buy a spare key from the manufacturer / dealer, which is even more important with remote control keys, since they carry an individual electronic code.


Huf offers a 24 hour service for spare coded keys. This service assures the customer that the spare key is manufactured, coded and delivered to the appropriate facility within that period.