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Huf to provide services and TPMS training

Huf, a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) supplier offers a range of services to tire and repair shops in the aftermarket, in order to support them when training their personnel. “We want to help our partners in the aftermarket to sell and use our products in the best way possible”, John Stratton, Aftermarket Sales Manager for Huf North America explains.

TPMS is an important product for vehicle owners, by helping alert drivers of low tire pressure before it comes to a critical situation of a tire or tires. It is also viewed as a major safety system that reduces the amount of tire blowouts on the roadways. Starting from 2007 onwards every car in the US must to be equipped with TPMS. The correct tire pressure also helps to optimize fuel consumption, reducing operating expenses. “Huf direct measuring TPMS are high quality products which is important to educate vehicle owners. The functionality and the importance of the product must be outlined in detail. This is something you have to learn and understand in order to use it in your sales pitch.” Therefore the Huf not only provides a range of products, such as OE sensors, universal sensors and a tool, but also a set of services to better educate the users. “We are offering training sessions for mechanics to show how quick and easy it is to change the sensors. Our expert also helps develop sales skills by training argumentation.” Besides the personal support Huf also has a set of training materials in print and videos.

Huf has been a major supplier of keys, locksets, latches, door handles, control units and telematics to the car industry for more than 100 years. Today the company has about 20 subsidiaries all over the world one of these is Huf Electronics Bretten which is specialised in TPMS development and production. In total Huf Group employs about 6.800 people accounting for a turnover of 1.3 billion USD.

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