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Job training at Huf

Welcome to the world of job training at Huf. Do you want to get a successful start to your future from day one? With our apprenticeship program in Germany, you can set the first foundation stone for your career. We also look forward to receiving applications from abroad; the prerequisite is good basic knowledge of the German language.

Overview of the occupations

Here is an overview of the occupations requiring training that Huf offers.
Have fun exploring:

Commercial apprenticeships

Getting involved right from the start
During the apprenticeship you will be selectively assigned to different departments of the company. Right from the start you will take on challenging tasks.

During the course of your apprenticeship the nature of these tasks will be increasingly demanding and complex. Parallel to your assignments you will take part in exciting projects to be trained in themes like getting organized, working in teams, communicating successfully with others. Regular feedback will provide you with orientation concerning your individual development. Apprentices who show high performance at training college and in the company will be offered the opportunity to shorten the duration of their apprenticeship.

Theoretical background
Training college Witten is responsible for apprentices who want to become an industrial clerk and training college Hilden is responsible for apprentices who want to become an IT clerk. Thetheoretical aspects of the apprenticeships are taught on two days in the week.

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Technical apprenticeships

Master technology that opens the world of cars
Apprenticeship, yes — but the work should be practical above all? Huf offers a strong practical orientation, in-depth technical knowledge and access to the latest technology. The 3- to 3.5 years of training take place at the Velbert site.

Insight into different production processes, learning manual and machine processes and imparting the accompanying knowledge are the focus.

The theoretical background
The vocational schools responsible for technical trainees are Berufskolleg Niedernberg (Velbert), Berufskolleg Stadtmitte of the city Mülheim a.d. Ruhr and Berufskolleg Franz-Jürgens (Dusseldorf).
There, the theoretical part of the training is taught one or two days a week.

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Cooperative engineering studies

You seek a challenge in a technical profession and have a head full of creative and innovative ideas?

Then our company provides the optimal mix of practical and academic studies: you will be a top engineer in just 9 semesters.

Thanks to the co-operative engineering degree programme, you are the interface between mechanics, electrical engineering and computer science. Broad engineering and scientific knowledge in these areas is the foundation of your training. Flexible application areas go beyond those of the engineering training. In addition, you will get the opportunity to put your theoretical knowledge into practice at Huf, with the help of our supervising engineers.

> About the apprenticeship programs

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