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Key Activities



  • Review 3D tooling design 
  • Design plastics or injection-mold processes.
  • Research and develop new manufacturing processes.
  • Analyze manufacturing data and suggest improvements.
  • Interact with customers, suppliers, and internal resources.
  • Establish the parameters fan optimal / robust / cost efficient molding process
  • Determinate estimated Cycle Times
  • Analyze moldflow, part advisanalysis, finite element analysis, and stress/fatigue analysis on plastics.
  • Create trial reports,  master protocols
  • Interact with tool supplier and initiate tooling improvements
  • Project Management for Plastics projects
  • Provide operating instructions
  • Define machine and Peripheral equipment and get quotations 
  • Establish and maintain standards 
  • Participate in meetings with Quality, Projects, Product Costing, Tooling Procurement
  • Communicate the detected anomalies / failures of the production equipment with the maintenance team / support with finding of root cause and improvement
  • Analyze data and present statistical analysis
  • Evaluate Measurement reports
  • Perform Cp/cpk studies 
  • Definition of quality monitoring parameters at production equipment
  • Carry out Tool trials at suppliers
  • Carry out acceptance test runs at Machinery supplier
  • Define efficient sequence for part removal (Interaction between IMM / Robot) 
  • Able to operate robots, define movements and able to troubleshoot if needed
  • Support EOA Design
  • Injection machinine daily maintenance to make sure it runs well.
  • Make trial plan and ensure trials are finished timely.
  • Guarantee the trial process of the first trial is stable and can be as the base for the following trials and production.
  • Record and archive the trial process after it verified stable.
  • Tracking every trial and make sure the process is repeated acc. to the verified process.
  • Make trial report to record all the open issues in the trial and issue the report to related departments for correction
  • Join the trial with customer, communicate and collect trial issues. And share the trial issues which need further actions with related departments via report.
  • Training new employees.
  • Coordinate relationship between trial and other departments.
  • Increase the quality of the tool release process at an early stage and to make sure that problems are detected as early as possible and not, if the tool is sent to another part of the world. Ideal condition is, that only IM tools will be released from YHT, which will need no more rework. The IM process expert is a very critical and important resource to achieve this objective.
  • Mainly work at YHT. Maybe in few urgent cases/critical escalations in our China plants, will also support temporarily in order help solving problems,
  • Company assigned other jobs.

Desired Profile

Chinese nationality

Completed Apprenticeship Plastics

5 Years Experience in Mold-setting with solid Process background

Bachelor Process Engineering Plastics Engineering or similar

Full understanding of resins and there capabilities

Read Blue Prints

Ability to communicate in foreign language (preferable English)


  • Salary: the company offers the most competitive salary
  • Working hours: five days a week, eight hours a day. If overtime is needed, there will be overtime pay.
  • Social insurances: strictly in accordance with national regulations
  • Housing provident fund: the company provides a high proportion of housing provident fund.
  • Annual leave: according to the national regulations
  • Training: the company provides relatively complete training
  • Transportation subsidy: the company gives transportation subsidy according to the living district of employees.
  • Meal allowance: according to different positions, meal allowance will be given.
  • Other benefits: year end bonus, Kindergarten Subsidy, heating fee, high temperature fee, festival gift, wedding gift, childbearing gift and other gifts.

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