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From Concept to Design and Development to the Final Product
With over 100 highly qualified and motivated employees, our facility at Velbert has become a general contracting center. From project planning to after-sales service, in every area we address we offer tailor-made solutions for all types of industries.

In addition to our core business in automation, testing equipment, and mold making, we also source molds from Chinese producers and develop special electronics with a concentration on RFID technology.

Automation and Testing

Our site in Velbert offers the whole process chain from project planning to the building of automation units, special machinery, gauging and testing - all designed in accordance with your special requirements and product characteristics.



  • Project planning
  • Construction
  • Electrical Planning
  • Fabrication and Assembly
  • Control engineering
  • Software development
  • Commissioning
  • Service and maintenance

              Project Planning
              Consider - plan - design - implement:

              At these stages our Project Teams work together with you to produce economically viable automation solutions - right from the initial beginnings of a solution right through to commissioning the unit on site at its destination. Assembly units with an overall length of up to 70m are possible. We advise and propose solutions aimed at offering you the best possible utilisation for your machine or unit (process and time optimised) at a good price. At the start of a project we put together a team from every special area which aims to produce an optimal result based on your special requirements. 

              All services in one go:

              • Mechanical and electric design
              • Assembly, construction of control systems and electro installation
              • Software development and process optimisation
              • Commissioning at destination
              • Maintenance and service



              The design department is made up of engineers and technicians with many years‘ experience. By using 3D-CAD systems and corresponding interfaces for true data formats, it is possible to work together with our customers on detailed drafts even at the project-planning phase which are eventually included in the subsequent equipment design.

              Through a modular system of design components which is constantly increasing, we are able to place focus in the design on complex solutions for the customer and to achieve very short process time.

              Electrical Design
              The basic pre-requisite for the increasing requirement to automate complex specialist machines is good software planning which has been well thought-through. As well as SPS control concepts, we are just starting to specialise in the sector covering PC-supported control systems.

              Electrics are designed as per customer requirements using ePLAN or E-CAD software such as TreeCAD.




              Production and Assembly
              Because of the constantly changing tasks required in the construction of special-purpose machines, our expert staff have acquired extensive experience which stands us in good steam when assembling and commissioning. The The ground plan of our building allows us to build machines which are 70m long.

              Construction of control systems
              We work closely with our electrical designers to introduce the control system concepts which have been developed. This includes building the control cabinet and the electrical integration of the external control components. Our switchboard units of course comply fully with all standards within the context of CE-identification and are tested and documented in accordance with valid VDE and EN standards.

              Software Development
              A good machine stands out not least because off well thought-out software. Our Software Development Team is made up of programmers who are experienced in the automated sector. The software solutions are implemented as per requirements using PC, SPS or micro-control systems.



              Amongst others, the extensive range includes robotics, image processing, carrier logistics, recording of operational data and control systems, production of software tools for testing and gauging, transponder technology and recording of read-outs and data base programming.

              Commissioning the units takes place with the whole Project Team working very closely together. At this stage, the equipment concept is checked in detail for optimisation potential and partially adjusted. Once the individual stations have undergone a trial run, the whole unit is fatigue-tested before it is shown to the customer for their initial inspection. After successful inspection your unit is transported to your premises and put into operation on site.

              Service and Maintenance
              Our Service Team work closely with our special departments to ensure that any malfunction is eliminated. Any spares required are obtained quickly. We also offer maintenance contracts which have been discussed and agreed with our customers




              Excellence in Production for tool Baudes Year 2012

              The Huf Tools Velbert GmbH is one of the top three finalists of the competition "Excellence in Production for tool Baudes Year 2012".


              At the contest, which has been held by the Laboratory for Machine Tools, RWTH Aachen and the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT since nine years, a total of around 300 tool maker from Germany took part. Huf Tools Velbert was placed in the category "up to 50 employees," the third place. From the perspective of the jurors Huf Tools focuses on its core competencies, is innovative and maintains a consistent open communication.



              Plastic Engineering

              Process Planning for Plastic Injection Moulding
              Process Planning deals first and foremost with the optimization of production processes to improve economic viability. The optimization of cycle times and choice of material plays an important role in this.

              As early as the design stage, the tool designer utilizes the control volume method to calculate the thermal condition in the tool and through the innovative layout of the tempering, sets the basis for an economically viable production process.

              With our consulting services we optimize processes on site at your production facility, analyzing existing molds and settings and directly implementing the findings. Our specialists work hands-on at the machines with your staff and hand over the results to your production people, including all documentation.



              Process development plan

              • Analysis of production and advice on processes
              • Internal and external mold sampling
              • Definition of process parameters
              • Parts dimensioning
              • Pre-production parts making
              • Commissioning of production facility

              During tool design, the thermal behavior of the tool is defined together with the designer using the system boundary method. Innovative tempering provides the basis for an economical production process.


              RFID Technology (Radio Frequency Identification) is used nowadays in many areas.

              Huf Tools offers RFID solutions for use in

              • Automation: Process control units in manufacturing companies
              • Logistics: Product registration and optimization of goods' flow
              • Quality Assurance: Defect elimination, back-tracking
              • Maintenance: Item identification and storage of item-related data 
              • Security: Protection from product piracy, anti-theft protection, immobilisation
              • Special reader: to customer specification(Design, development, production)

              We offer compatibility with the various ISO Standards e.g. ISO15693 or ISO 14443. Our equipment supports current transponder protocols of different companies in the frequency range 125 kHz and 13,56 MHz.