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Automation and Testing

Our site in Velbert offers the whole process chain from project planning to the building of automation units, special machinery, gauging and testing.


  • Project planning
  • Construction
  • Electrical Planning
  • Fabrication and Assembly
  • Control engineering
  • Software development
  • Commissioning
  • Service and maintenance

              Project Planning
              Consider - plan - design - implement:

              At these stages our Project Teams work together with you to produce economically viable automation solutions - right from the initial beginnings of a solution right through to commissioning the unit on site at its destination. At the start of a project we put together a team from every special area which aims to produce an optimal result based on your special requirements. 

              All services in one go:

              • Mechanical and electric design
              • Assembly, construction of control systems and electro installation
              • Software development and process optimisation
              • Commissioning at destination
              • Maintenance and service


              Mechanical Design

              Even the word "special machine" expresses the unique character. No machine is like another and everyone involved in the project has to constantly face new challenges. Our design department  is made up of engineers and technicians with many years' experience. By using 3D-CAD systems and corresponding interfaces, we are able to develop detailed drafts already in the project planning phase, so that our customers can evaluate the progress at an early stage of the project and contribute their own experience.

              Production and test bench
              Our assembly teams are made up of the necessary specialist disciplines, in which we also train ourselves. Parallel to the mechanical assembly, all energy and communication systems are installed in a maintenance-friendly manner. After all modules have been tested in stand-alone mode, the entire system is run in as a network. The ground plan of our plant allows us to build machines up to 70 meters long and to test and optimize them under real conditions before delivery.


              This fully automatic system is used for the production of keys in several variants. The material is fed without interruption, so that the output rate is correspondingly very high. The variants and their assembly contents are controlled via transponders at the respective processing stations. The line data including the test data of the products are archived via a master Computer.

              Software Development

              The key enabler for machines that function reliably is well thought out software. Depending on requirements, our software development team programs on the basis of PC, SPS or microcontrol systems and integrates peripheral components such as robots from various manufacturers; image processing systems; operating data acquisition and control systems; software tools for testing and measuring physical quantities; transponder technology and database programming.


              For the commissioning of the production lines, the device concept is checked in detail for optimisation potential and adapted. After successful inspection your unit is transported to your premises and put into operation on site.

              Service and Maintenance

              Our service team works closely with our special departments to ensure that any malfunction is eliminated. In addition to the classic means of communication, we also use remote access directly to the machine.


              Robot-Assisted Systems

              In this application, a six-spindle robot linked to a vision system takes plastic housings of various geometries from bulk separation and moves them into position on a workpiece carrier for further processing.

              In the production of high-end electronic car keys, the individual components are moved by vibratory conveyors and very compact stack storage with three robots, and joined on a round plate. All process steps and events are captured and visualized by Huf Tools production data acquisition and sent to on the network the line server for evaluation.

              Automated Assembly Lines

              The picture shows a production plant for the manufacture of automotive locksets with several individual components and a high number of variants. Processes such as parts feeding, screwing, greasing, joining, riveting, testing mechanical and electrical functions and laser marking are used.

              Integration of Identification Systems for Conveyor Control

              In complex conveyor systems the parameters for each product and production process can be stored for evaluation and analysis of product-specific test and measurement data.

              To do this, conveyor systems are fitted with our identification system, which also provides conveyor control. There is a transponder on each product carrier to record data. Each station has a read/write unit and an antenna on the conveyor for writing data to the product carrier transponder.

              Testing equipment

              Integration measurement instruments
              The increasing requirements for mechanical and electronic product function quality place high demands on the design of test and production systems. This in turn necessitates the use of special instruments to measure:

              • Length
              • Force
              • Torque
              • Current / voltage / resistance
              • Radio frequency and power
              • Inductivity and coil quality
              • Light intensity


              Special Machines

              Assembly unit for key production

              As well as automatic sort and feed technology, the fully automatic production of transponder keys also includes a monitored dispensing of adhesive and transpondern programming for vehicle immobilizer.


              Laser inscription units
              Laser technology is being increasingly used in product identification. Our laser inscription units cover the whole spectrum such as marking the car key with the remote authorisation ID or button actuating symbols, inscribing data matrix codes and individual company logos on components.


              Stack Storage

              The provision of components plays an important role in the automation of assembly processes. Vibratory conveyors are usually used for items supplied in bulk. Sensitive parts and parts that must be protected from ESD such as PCBs are supplied in blisters or trays. We have developed our own patent-applied palette and stack storage system that enables loading and unloading of the magazine without interrupting the automated procedure.


              The palette can be switched out in just 3.2 seconds while the robot handles the parts. Robots with various motion profiles permit the stack storage module to be connected to both round and linear machines. Its ESD-compliant design allows it to be used anywhere. Full and empty trays can be switched on the fly without halting the production process. Furthermore, rigorous “first in / first out” handling ensures traceability of parts that require documentation.

              Camera-assisted recognition systems

              The picture shows an application for mounting worm gears in an electronic steering lock housing (ELV). The individual worm wheels are delivered in blisters and fed to the system via a compact stack. The camera attached to the robot detects the position and rotation of the worm wheel and then transmits the coordinates to the robot controller. The robot then positions the worm wheel correctly in the steering lock. These image processing systems are not only used for component recognition, but also for measuring and sorting according to various quality criteria.

              Key Cutting Machines

              As one of the leading manufacturers of electronic and mechanical locking systems for the automotive industry, Huf Hülsbeck & Fürst GmbH & Co KG, with its production sites, is represented all over the world. As a manufacturer of specialist machinery we have many years' experience particularly in building key cutting machines for all current types of automotive keys. For the various application sectors we can offer high-speed key cutters for serial production which are operated manually or fully-automated as well as cutters for after-sales service. Our machines meet all requirements regarding tolerance limits, surfaces and machine capability.

              We would be pleased to supply detailed information on equipment, function and performance upon request.