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Robot-Assisted Systems

In this application, a six-spindle robot linked to a vision system takes plastic housings of various geometries from bulk separation and moves them into position on a workpiece carrier for further processing.

In the production of high-end electronic car keys, the individual components are moved by vibratory conveyors and very compact stack storage with three robots, and joined on a round plate. All process steps and events are captured and visualized by Huf Tools production data acquisition and sent to on the network the line server for evaluation.

Automated Assembly Lines

The picture shows a production plant for the manufacture of automotive locksets with several individual components and a high number of variants. Processes such as parts feeding, screwing, greasing, joining, riveting, testing mechanical and electrical functions and laser marking are used.

Integration of Identification Systems for Conveyor Control

In complex conveyor systems the parameters for each product and production process can be stored for evaluation and analysis of product-specific test and measurement data.

To do this, conveyor systems are fitted with our identification system, which also provides conveyor control. There is a transponder on each product carrier to record data. Each station has a read/write unit and an antenna on the conveyor for writing data to the product carrier transponder.