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Special Machines

Assembly unit for key production

As well as automatic sort and feed technology, the fully automatic production of transponder keys also includes a monitored dispensing of adhesive and transpondern programming. The finished products are also checked for the required quality attributes and sorted accordingly.



Machines for "precision machining" of steel parts

This circular unit is used for precision machining of steel parts with a 64 Rockwell hardness used for the VW pump nozzle injection moulding system. 

At the individual stations the transitions between drilled holes, edges and end faces receive a defined fillet radius tolerated to microns. Four parts are machined simultaneously at each brush position. The wear on each brush is monitored and readjusted automatically. The steel parts are machined using oil cooling. The oil is siphoned off completely before the parts are removed.


Laser inscription units
Laser technology is being increasingly used in product identification. Our laser inscription units cover the whole spectrum such as marking the car key with the remote authorisation ID or button actuating symbols, inscribing data matrix codes and individual company logos on components.