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Stack Storage

The provision of components plays an important role in the automation of assembly processes. Vibratory conveyors are usually used for items supplied in bulk. Sensitive parts and parts that must be protected from ESD such as PCBs are supplied in blisters or trays. We have developed our own patent-applied palette and stack storage system that enables loading and unloading of the magazine without interrupting the automated procedure.


The palette can be switched out in just 3.2 seconds while the robot handles the parts. Robots with various motion profiles permit the stack storage module to be connected to both round and linear machines. Its ESD-compliant design allows it to be used anywhere. Full and empty trays can be switched on the fly without halting the production process. Furthermore, rigorous “first in / first out” handling ensures traceability of parts that require documentation.

Camera-assisted recognition systems

The picture shows an application for mounting worm gears in an electronic steering lock housing (ELV). The individual worm wheels are delivered in blisters and fed to the system via a compact stack. The camera attached to the robot detects the position and rotation of the worm wheel and then transmits the coordinates to the robot controller. The robot then positions the worm wheel correctly in the steering lock. These image processing systems are not only used for component recognition, but also for measuring and sorting according to various quality criteria.