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Testing equipment

Integration measurement instruments
The increasing requirements for mechanical and electronic product function quality place high demands on the design of test and production systems. This in turn necessitates the use of special instruments to measure:

  • Length
  • Force
  • Torque
  • Current / voltage / resistance
  • Radio frequency and power
  • Inductivity and coil quality
  • Light intensity



Testing and measuring these and other dimensions are another core competence of Huf Tools.

Camera-Assisted Recognition Systems

Camera-assisted recognition systems use the many possibilities of image processing to detect the position and nature of components, and also measure and sort them according to defined criteria. In the assembly of worm gears in electronic ignition lock housings (ELV), the individual gears are delivered in blisters and supplied to the production line by a compact stack storage system. A camera on the robot detects the position and rotary position of the worm gear and transfers the coordinates to the robot controller for correct positioning.