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Plastic Engineering

Process Planning for Plastic Injection Moulding
Process Planning deals first and foremost with the optimization of production processes to improve economic viability. The optimization of cycle times and choice of material plays an important role in this.

As early as the design stage, the tool designer utilizes the control volume method to calculate the thermal condition in the tool and through the innovative layout of the tempering, sets the basis for an economically viable production process.

With our consulting services we optimize processes on site at your production facility, analyzing existing molds and settings and directly implementing the findings. Our specialists work hands-on at the machines with your staff and hand over the results to your production people, including all documentation.



Process development plan

  • Analysis of production and advice on processes
  • Internal and external mold sampling
  • Definition of process parameters
  • Parts dimensioning
  • Pre-production parts making
  • Commissioning of production facility

During tool design, the thermal behavior of the tool is defined together with the designer using the system boundary method. Innovative tempering provides the basis for an economical production process.

Technical Center Equipment

Our Process Engineering Department incorporates a modern technical learning centre where samples can be produced from tools over the current range of production processes such as gas injection moulding, and monosandwich.

Equipment in the Technical Center:

  • 320t Monosandwich Machine, 825 x 825 clear opening between the spars
  • Gas injection moulding - 4x control module
  • WIT - 2x control module
  • Dry air unit
  • HB-Therm 160 tempering equipment
  • Direct data recording and documentation on the PC

GID Cool

Gas Injection Moulding (GID) has advanced to become one of the most important specialist processes used in plastics processing. GID Cool, independently developed by Huf Tools, is a further development in gas injection moulding and offers fundamental advantages for the production process:


  • GID Cool represents a significant alternative to WIT.
  • The cycle time critical for the production process is comparable in the GID Cool process and is sometimes even shorter than in the WIT process.
  • Principal, the GID cool process can be retro-fitted to all tools.
  • Using the new process is quick and conversion is easy.

Monosandwich Process

The patented monosandwich method enables two-component parts to be produced from a standard injection moulding tool. As soon as the material component for the core of the moulded part is plasticised, an adjacent extruder moves the main components directly into the spiral section of the injection unit. 

The liquified material settles in the single nozzle of the machine and is moved in one stroke into the cavity. The core components always flow through the centre of the channel and the main components settle evenly along the outer edge of the cavity and acquire a core made up of the remaining material.

The monosandwich process is suitable for the following applications:

  • Hard-soft combination
  • Electro-plated outer skin
  • Load-bearing core components from reinforced material
  • High quality surface for painting etc.
  • Core components made from reclaimed material