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Customer solution - BMW KeyReader

BMW have been using Huf Tools key readers since 2001. When cars go in for service and repair, all the relevant data for that car is shown by inserting the key into the key reader. It's no longer necessary to make a note of the kilometers on the clock and to have the log book handy.

Maintenance / Service

Mould tool transponders

  • Identification of moulding tools
  • Storage of data relating to wear


Other applications for transponder technology

Quality Assurance

  • Traceability of goods
  • Protection from plagiarism


Logistics, Control of the flow of goods

  • Industrial automation
  • Monitoring cold chains
  • Control of open or closed logistics processes
  • EPC



  • Access check
  • Permission functions for machines and vehicles
  • Goods surveillance


Service, Maintenance

  • Supporting mobile service solutions
  • Saving item-related data on tooling, expensive medical equipment to locate their whereabouts by registering at determined points.