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One for all - An Intelligent Charging Station for Smartphones by Huf

Who hasn't fumbled for where to put their smartphone while driving? Huf has developed a charging station, compatible with all smartphones, which provides crash-safe storage for the smartphone in the car, and at the same time allows for data exchange.

The absolutely unique point: the charger repositions phones of various sizes for crash-safe storage by identifying them with NFC and then automatically moving them into the optimal position and charging them inductively. Unlike conventional charging units, the phone is stored safely in an upright position. The result is safe, space-saving storage. The Huf charging station is unlike conventional charging units, which mostly lie flat, taking up a lot of space and which pose a danger in the event of a crash, since they don't secure the phone. It can "go flying" through the interior, possibly even injuring someone. The charging station was developed in accordance with the Qi standard for smartphones, which provides nearly the same charging current as a typical USB port, and therefore similar charging times. It also makes it unnecessary to switch out the telecommunication equipment in the car when a new smartphone model is purchased. The smartphone must simply support the Qi charging standard, which is easily made possible by switching out the back cover with a suitable Qi version if it isn't already outfitted with one as standard.
"We constructed the charging station so that it could be incorporated into the center console or dashboard in a space-saving way," explains Ulrich Müller, head of development at Huf. "During sharp braking or a collision, the smartphone remains safely in the charging station." The data saved in the smartphone can be transmitted to the vehicle display via Bluetooth interface, and used by the driver. Cables are no longer necessary. The optimized antenna connection ensures better reception quality.