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131. International career opportunities  
International career opportunities Patrick Hahn, Senior Manager of Logistics Velbert Plant - started working for Huf in 2004 in the UK, now active in Germany "How Huf makes a difference to me?  
132. Robot-Assisted Systems  
Robot-Assisted Systems In this application, a six-spindle robot linked to a vision system takes plastic housings of various geometries from bulk separation and moves them into position on a workpiece  
133. Testing equipment  
Testing equipment Integration measurement instruments The increasing requirements for mechanical and electronic product function quality place high demands on the design of test and production  
134. Special Machines  
Special Machines Assembly unit for key production As well as automatic sort and feed technology, the fully automatic production of transponder keys also includes a monitored dispensing of adhesive  
135. Stack Storage  
Stack Storage The provision of components plays an important role in the automation of assembly processes. Vibratory conveyors are usually used for items supplied in bulk. Sensitive parts and parts  
136. Key Cutting Machines  
Key Cutting Machines As one of the leading manufacturers of electronic and mechanical locking systems for the automotive industry, Huf Hülsbeck & Fürst GmbH & Co KG, with its production  
137. Our Strength  
Our Strength Our strengths Our experience built up over many years in the production of mould making equipment for high quality visual and function parts means that we specialise in: Moulding  
138. Pilot- & Series Forms  
Pilot- and Series Forms The combination of our highly motivated employees and our use of the most modern production technology means that Huf Tools is able to design injection moulding tools specific  
139. Service  
Service Modifications - repairs - maintenance - service - commissioning: With our service concept, we are also with you - once our moulding tools have been delivered - when they are put into service  
140. Mold sourcing from China  
Mold sourcing from China As a special service we can offer you the opportunity to buy moulding tools from China. We place great emphasis on co-operation with selected suppliers who meet our and the  
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