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31. Huf North America Die Cast  
32. Good work atmosphere  
Good work atmosphere Jutta Pirredda (right) has been working at Huf for 38 years and currently serves as an administrative assistant to the division managers at the Velbert plant. Paolo Pirredda  
33. Door Handle Systems  
Door Handle Systems Door handles contribute to the styling of a car. Therefore car designers put emphasis not only on safety and comfort requirements but also on the look and feel of a handle. Huf  
34. Imprint  
Imprint Responsible for these pages: Huf Hülsbeck & Fürst GmbH & Co. KG  Communications and Public Relations Department Steeger Str. 17  42551 Velbert / Germany   
35. Data Security  
Data Privacy Statement Section 1 Information on the collection of personal data (1) We inform you in the following about the collection of personal data when you use our website Personal data  
36. Car Access Authorization Systems  
Car Access Authorization Systems There are one or two-directional systems for accessing the vehicle and communicating with it. Central to this on the one hand is the vehicle’s key and on the  
37. Passive Entry Systems  
Passive Entry-Systems A Passive Entry System offers comfortable access to a car. Without pressing the button of a key or ID device the doors are opened when approaching the car. The system relies  
38. Power Tailgate Systems  
Power Tailgate Systems Huf Power Tailgate Systems comprise all mechatronic components required to open and lock the boot or tailgate. These are especially electric latches, tailgate component  
39. Mechanical Locking Systems  
Mechanical Locking Systems Locksets consist of mechanical keys and locking cylinders for the driver’s door, boot, glovebox and internal compartments. In order to increase anti-theft protection Huf  
40. Telematic Systems  
Telematic Systems Telematic Systems made by Huf support the managing of car fleets by providing communication data from and to the vehicle. In combination with car access systems it can also be  
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