Light Touch Emblem

For an impressive product experience

True fans eyes’ light up when they see their car. How great must the joy be when the car reflects this joy with dynamic lighting and decent vibration? These welcome effects are among the many highlights of the Huf Light Touch Emblem. What's more, operation at the touch of a finger is as smooth as on a smartphone and thus the entry to a modern vehicle experience.

Modern vehicle access - even in emergency situations


The Light Touch Emblem also ensures reliable vehicle access when the car battery is discharged. The user can charge a small battery inside of the car with an NFC-enabled smartphone (Near Field Communication) and then access the car. Learn more about the Huf Smart Emergency Access here.

Underlines modern vehicle designs

Electric vehicles in particular that inspire us with their purist smooth design receive the appropriate extraordinary touch with this Huf technology.

Light Touch Emblem

Huf Light Touch Emblem with inductive sensor technology
Huf Light Touch Emblem with ultra thin design for easy car application
Product details
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Light Touch Emblem now

The Huf Light Touch Emblem is particularly light, seamlessly fits into existing vehicle lines and is also individually adaptable. The light effect can also be specified according to the customer’s wishes and thus optimally stages the brand logo.

  • Modern touch and feel: Soft touch for opening your vehicle
  • User-friendly: Nearly the entire cover surface recognizes touch
  • Illumination: The Light Touch Emblem lights up to greet you and provides feedback on touch command
  • Freedom of design: Custom design of the visible cover for an impressive brand experience
  • Seamless integration: Fits into any vehicle surface thanks to its low height
  • Robust: As a closed system, it is protected from environmental influences
  • Reliable: Cannot ice up and works even at low temperatures

We have paved the way

As a specialist for secure car access and authorization Huf has significantly influenced the development towards the digital key with numerous milestones. For example, Huf supplied the first door handle with integrated NFC technology and enable opening via smartphone. 

Autoschlüssel für Fernbedienung Mercedes SL R129 von Huf aus dem Jahr 1989