Smart Emergency Access

Reliable car entry in every situation

With products from Huf, you never be faced with closed doors - even in extraordinary situations: Thanks to the Smart Emergency Access made possible by Huf, first responders can quickly and reliably open the door of a crashed car. Another advantage: even if the car battery is drained, drivers can wait inside the car for support services. The exact position for installing the Smart Emergency Access depends on the car manufacturer and car line.

Safety and comfort for a good feeling

Entladene Autobatterie
Sicherheit ohne Komforteinbußen
Product Details
High reliability and safety in any situation

When buying a new car, drivers become familiar with the Smart Emergency Access function. Though familiar with the application, in the event of an accident, the emergency access must immediately catch the eye of the user. In everyday situations, such as in the supermarket parking lot or in the driveway in front of your home, protection against theft must be guaranteed. Huf has considered these and other issues when developing Smart Emergency Access and has developed clever solutions, as you will find out when you click on "Show more".

Smart Emergency Access – answers to frequently asked questions

We have paved the way

As a specialist for secure car access and authorization Huf has significantly influenced the development towards the digital key with numerous milestones.

Autoschlüssel für Fernbedienung Mercedes SL R129 von Huf aus dem Jahr 1989