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Huf Compliance Management System
for a clean business

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Huf has realigned its Compliance Management System. How we behave towards customers, suppliers, colleagues and all other people is set out in the new Huf Code of Conduct. Our Group Compliance Officer and the Compliance Managers at our sites are the first point of contact for questions and reports. To report completely anonymously use the Huf whistleblower system.

Text: Michael Gorissen

Ethical standards in the business world are becoming higher and higher. The most important rule at Huf: We do not tolerate any illegal or unethical behavior. Acting with integrity and setting an example play a crucial role. To reflect this, we have documented our aspiration of a value-oriented business in our Huf Code of Conduct.

Huf Code of Conduct: integrity, sustainability and social responsibility

The Huf Code of Conduct translates our aspiration into 15 practical principles of conduct, which are summarized in three sections:

  • Business integrity
  • Integrity at work
  • Sustainability and social responsibility

The Huf Code of Conduct is our ground rule for ethically correct behavior and integrity in business and forms likewise the foundation of the Compliance Management System. Available in several languages, the Code of Conduct provides orientation not only for employees but also for all business partners of our company.

Group Compliance Officer plus Compliance Managers in each Huf site

The Compliance Management System of Huf aims at preventing, detecting, and responding legal and ethical violations. Within the Compliance organization, the Group Compliance Officer is supported by local Compliance Managers in each Huf site, who ensure the local implementation of the Compliance program.

In addition to the Huf Group Management, the Group Compliance Officer promotes a company-wide culture of integrity through activities involving the Code of Conduct and additional focus on the areas of anti-corruption, antitrust, fraud, and conflicts of interest. Likewise, other corporate functions, shall contribute to the promotion of the company’s culture of integrity with a focus in their areas of responsibility.

Huf whistleblower system: Report suspected violations 

In alignment with the legislation on whistleblower protection and as part of the Compliance Management System, we set up a web-based Huf whistleblower system, where anyone can report suspected violations of laws, our Code of Conduct or our policies - even completely anonymously.

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