Remote Control Keys

Impressive key moments

No matter how we design the key for our customers, their customers will undoubtedly experience impressive key moments. After all, the vehicle experience begins with Huf – and has for over 100 years. We invented the remote control key in 1989, pioneered keyless entry systems and were the first to introduce NFC (Near Field Communication) technology for contactless unlocking of the driver’s door. As an innovation driver, we offer our customers remote control keys with high theft protection, excellent durability and individual design.  

Remote control keys from Huf

Product details
Remote control keys for a modern car experience

Huf is an expert on remote control keys and ensures the best performance with the intelligent use of the latest technologies.

  • The system understanding of an expert: Huf has been dealing with the question of how car owners can get into their vehicles reliably, safely and comfortably for 100 years now. We have the know-how – not just for car keys, but for holistic vehicle access
  • Everything from a single source: Huf offers the entire package, including software and hardware components
  • Precise: The location systems integrated by Huf (LF, NFC, BLE, UWB) achieve a very high degree of accuracy – both outside and inside the vehicle
  • Robust: Whether it’s hot or cold, falls from high heights or into water – our car keys withstand the most adverse conditions
  • Reliable: Our remote control keys offer very good performance even under extreme interference. This is why they are among the most sought-after keys for electric vehicles
  • High theft protection: Huf uses intelligent technologies to confront thieves with nearly unsolvable tasks
  • Unique customer experience: Our remote control keys allow access to the vehicle without the customer having to pick up the key. The system recognizes the car key and unlocks the car door automatically

Huf has paved the way


Know-how from the market leader


Know-how from the market leader

Huf has developed most of the world’s remote control keys and brought them to series production readiness. We understand our customers’ wishes and grant them by offering outstanding solutions.


Manufacturing expertise from a single source

We can cast, spray, paint, and deliver just-in-time in top quality from our worldwide plants. Learn more about our manufacturing expertise here.


Customized solutions

Thanks to our integrated development and manufacturing expertise, we can fulfill almost all customer requirements. For example, we supply complete passive entry and passive start systems and also offer individual components – from electronics and housings to complete locking systems.

Huf reference

Prominent customers depend on our remote control keys

Huf is the market leader for car keys and supplies numerous car models worldwide.

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