Huf kick sensor 2
Innovative passive entry technology

In 2011, Huf was the world’s first automotive supplier to equip a series-manufactured car with the kick sensor, thus laying yet another milestone in the development of innovative passive entry systems. Since then, the “Kick” introduced by Huf has established itself as a worldwide standard: A simple kicking movement under the rear bumper and the trunk opens or closes automatically.


Kick sensor 3.0

Compact, light, reliable and even more efficient – the third generation of the Huf kick sensor sets new standards.

Huf kick sensor 3
New control unit

Faster data processing and lower power consumption

New housing

More compact, lighter, 
even more durable


Kick sensor 3.0

huf kick sensor 4
New sensor cables

Precise gesture recognition

High reliability

Significantly below the specifications for electromagnetic compatibility

Huf kick sensor 5
Contactless service and other advantages
Discover the kick sensor 3.0

The kick sensor sets new standards for opening rear hoods. Thanks to its very small installation space and flexible sensor wires, it is also ideally suited for side sliding doors.

  • Compact: 33 percent lower overall height (compared to its predecessor)
  • Light: New kick sensor 3.0 weighs 20 percent less
  • Economical: 50 percent lower power consumption 
  • Precise: New ECU and sensor wires for even more precise gesture recognition
  • Reliable: The kick sensor 3.0 clearly undercuts modern manufacturer specifications for electromagnetic compatibility
  • Robust: Reinforced ECU housing and optimized sheathing of the sensor wires;
    temperature resistance increases to over 100 degrees Celsius
  • Strong service: Wireless software updates (LIN bus)
  • Individually adaptable: Thanks to the small installation space and different sensor wires and brackets, the kick sensor can be integrated into 98 percent of all known vehicle rear ends and is also ideally suited for side sliding doors

Comfortable opening with a slight kick

The Huf kick sensor detects foot movement under the rear bumper over almost the entire width of the car. This means that vehicle owners do not have to aim at a specific point, which further enhances access comfort.


Ready for the future

The new Huf kick sensor is a perfect fit for autonomous vehicles and electrically powered cars. It is significantly below the manufacturers’ specifications on electromagnetic compatibility, for example.

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