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Product overview
A clever product family for a modern car access experience

Huf delivers a sophisticated product family with its flush door handles. Whether it's fixed, deploys parallel, opens vertically or rotates horizontally, the manual and, if desired, even automatic function of the system enhances the extraordinary appearance of modern cars. 

Seamless design und modern usability


integrated Huf Standard Actuator

Huf door handle 3
BMW iX flush door handle supplied by Huf
Come closer!
New product
Lighter, smaller and more impressive

Huf is the market leader for flush car door handles and continuously improves its products based on experience and customer feedback. The latest example is the rotational flush door handle, which is even more compact, lighter, more impressive and thus even more attractive for modern cars that focus on lightweight and an exceptional welcome experience.



  • Impressive welcome effect: door handle seamlessly integrated into car body folds out in rotation to reveal handle bar
  • Intuitive usability: guiding the user with illumination in outer door handle panel and integrated grip recess
  • Individual design: door handle panel in different colors and shapes can be adapted to the respective car design
  • Compact: Small dimensions for integration in almost all car doors
  • Lightweight: entire system weighs less than 500 grams
  • Opens manually or automatically: Rotation mechanism is triggered by light pressure on the front part of the handle, electric function on request (only in combination with passive entry system)
  • Precise position detection (optional): Reliable sensors detect physical or digital keys (Phone as a Key) in the environment and thus enable passive entry
  • Emergency locking cylinder: Concealed locking cylinder integrated for emergency opening
  • High security: Mechanical opening possible in an emergency (also for versions with electrically deployable function)
  • Reliable under any conditions: Opens and closes reliably even at temperatures up to minus 40 degrees, thanks to the ice breaker function and optimum sealing

We have paved the way

As a specialist for secure car access and authorization Huf has significantly influenced the development towards the digital key with numerous milestones. For example, Huf supplied the first door handle with integrated NFC technology and enable opening via smartphone. 

Autoschlüssel für Fernbedienung Mercedes SL R129 von Huf aus dem Jahr 1989
trust in our
door handles

Huf is the market leader for car door handles in the automotive industry and supplies its products for most of the car models worldwide.

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