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Forest fires – nine heroes saved Huf Portuguesa

f. l.: Paulo Jesus, Mario Helder, Ernesto Antunes, Jorge Jesus, Tito Brito und/and João Paulo Regalar. Nicht auf dem Foto/missing in the photo: Rafael Brito, Ricardo Chaves and José Serra.

All inhabitants of Portugal will remember October 15, 2017, as a terrible day. 45 people died in the fires, 70 were injured, 800 houses were burned to the ground, and 500 businesses were destroyed. In Tondela, two people lost their lives, and five businesses in the industrial zone were completely destroyed. This illustrates the threat that Huf Portuguesa was exposed to.

At Huf Portuguesa, the night shift was progressing as usual when the alarms rang out, because the fire had reached the industrial zone. Swift action was required before things got even worse. Nine Huf Portuguesa employees showed selfless courage, saving their colleagues and the factory. It also shows how important it is to prepare for dangerous situations and act rationally, taking the long view. Huf Portuguesa has employees who are involved in the factory fire department and whose hard work ensured that the fire didn’t spread to the factory.


An employee’s house succumbed to the flames, and everyone at Huf Portuguesa is helping him rebuild it. There were nine brave men who did all they could to keep the flames away from the factory. They are the heroes of Huf, who deserve our recognition.



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