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Great support for earthquake victims in Mexico

f.l.: José Santos, Johann Palluch, Dr. Florian Hesse, Ulrich Hülsbeck, Thomas Tomakidi, Claudia Núñez und Carlos Marques.

Claudia Núñez, Academic Vice President of Anáhuac University, and students are happy about the great donation of Huf Group.

Three heavy earthquakes with many victims shook the Mexican region of Puebla in September. During the earthquakes many buildings are damaged or destroyed, including schools, homes and factories. Huf Group has also a production facility in Puebla and supports the people and employees of the affected area.

As part of the inauguration of a new production facility at Huf Mexico, a donation ceremony was held for the benefit of the earthquake victims in Mexico. Ulrich Hülsbeck, President and CEO of the Huf Group, presented a donation check in the amount of 50,000 euros to Claudia Núñez, Academic Vice President of Anáhuac University.

The donation will support a social project of the University, which takes care of the reconstruction of residential buildings in Puebla. The project helps about 150 families in different parts of the country in rebuilding their homes. The donation Huf Group underlines its basic values and assumes social responsibility for people and employees. The company is actively involved in promoting and supporting the regions and communities at the locations of the company.

Around 100 new houses will be build by June 2018, thanks to the cooperation of Anáhuac University and the Huf Group. The social program “ASUA Construye" makes this possible and advocates the construction of houses build by ecological materials. The social project mainly involves students from the university.



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