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Huf has a handle on electronics

With a production rate of approximately 140,000 door handles per day, Huf has become an expert in this product sector. New orders recently acquired will see a significant increase in production next year.

Three quarters of the door handles shipped are painted in body colour.  Huf has five paint plants in Europe and Asia with another one currently under construction in the USA. Ulrich Müller, the automotive supplier’s Head of Design and Development stated „The trend is to upgrade the finish on the handles.  They‘re painted in one or two colours and the addition of a chrome trim sends out additional visual signals“.  It’s important for a car producer’s designers to know that Huf offers complete system solutions for strap, pull and flush-fitting door handle variants as well as brackets and that they are leaders  in the production processes.

Huf is also finding that the demand for electronic door handles for passive entry is clearly increasing.  Huf has specialized in the development, validation and production of Passive Entry Systems of varying complexity.   The Company produces its own electronic components and has many years‘ experience in the assembly and potting process for door handle electronics.  Huf also supplies door handles with innovative, integrated lighting concepts for courtesy lighting just as the door lock advertises the status of the car.  The electric drive on the flush-fitting door handles controls the outward and inward movement of the door handle.

Huf are pioneers in the development of innovative door handle designs.  Together with a kinematic analysis for the best ergonomic shape of the door handle, Huf also offers solutions for door handles with integrated lock cylinders or door handle variants for global cross-carline concepts.  Huf can also offer dynamic crash simulations and special crash safety functions.  Safety concepts are integrated in the specific brackets matching the door handle systems.

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