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Ready for TPMS-Service: Practical TPMS Training Sessions

Recently Huf has been offering information and training programmes on tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). The training sessions are specifically geared towards the requirements of tyre fitters, specialist tyre dealers and repair shop employees. The background for this is that since November 2014 all newly registered vehicles also in the EU have to be fitted with TPMS. For drivers this gives increased vehicle safety and for repair shops it means changes in procedures for working with tyres and for vehicle maintenance. Therefore they have to have further training on TPMS.

The practical TPMS training sessions are planned as a 1-day event and take place either on site at the customer or in the new TPMS-Training Centre at Huf Electronics Bretten, near Karlsruhe. With the aid of training materials the trainees learn via theory and practice everything they need to know for correct TPMS service.  The training sessions are run by Rob Viset and Udo Ginsterblum. They give an overview of the structure, function and differences in tyre pressure monitoring systems and other TPMS-products. In detailed practical sessions the trainees learn how tyre pressure sensors are diagnosed. Tyre pressure is measured, sensored are fitted and removed, they are taught about sensors on various vehicle types and also how to identify and rectify typical root causes of faults. 

In this way, the customers get to know the merits of the Huf IntelliSens universal sensors. Rob Viset explains „Our training sessions give a general overview of TPMS and, of course, cover Huf tyre pressure sensors and diagnostic tools. These offer a number of advantages over our competitors‘ products. The focus of the training, however, is the broad-based transfer of knowledge. Rob Viset continues „Know-how is - and always will be - the pre-requisite for successful TPMS-service.  Proper training is the only way to learn this.  After all, there are many TPMS-products on the market.“ Udo Ginsterblum adds, „It will take a while until the merits of TPMS can be explained to motorists who do not understand the new and costly change in legislation. We ensure that our trainees go back to their repair shops with extensive newly-acquired knowledge and experience of TPMS theory and practice, allowing them to fully inform and advise their customers on TPMS.“ Huf have made a name for themselves all over the world with car makers and in the tyre trade as designers and manufacturers of mechanical and electronic locking systems, vehicle authorisation systems, passive entry systems, vehicle access systems, door handle systems as well as systems for tailgates, tyre pressure monitoring systems and telematic systems. The company, which was founded in 1908, now has a worldwide workforce of more than 7500 in 23 subsidiaries in Europe, America and Asia. Head Office in Velbert has approximately 1400 employees. In 2015 Huf’s turnover was more than Euros 1.3 billion. 


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