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Strong Partners: Huf Secure Mobile and Move Mee set new standards in car rental

Huf Secure Mobile and Move Mee celebrate their partner-ship at the North American Dealer Association (NADA) Show in Las Vegas, opening a new chapter in the history of car rental: The Move Mee platform delivers a totally new and unique experience for the car rental customer. Instead of using the car key, the customer opens and starts his rental car with the digital key from SixSense by Huf Secure Mobile. The smart technology is integrated into the Move Mee App, which further in-creases the value for customers as well as rental and automotive companies.

From vehicle selection and booking on the Internet, to pick up and check on site, to return and booking processing - Move Mee and SixSense cover the entire chain of the rental process. The Move Mee platform has fully digitized the car rental process, allowing the customer to undertake a one-time registration and validation procedure. This in turn means the customer no longer has to visit a physical rental location and endure long queues at the counter and the inevitable hard-sell of additional extras and insurances. The Move Mee solution enables car rental operators to enhance their services without changing their vehicle management systems. For franchised dealerships, the Move Mee technology allows them to develop a full range of mobility services from better management of their courtesy car and loaner fleets to actually providing an exclusive vehicle rental service to its existing local customers and develop both leisure and corporate vehicle rental services.

Richard Lowden, Founder & Chairman of Move Mee said: “I am delighted to officially announce the launch of the Move Mee platform in partnership with Huf Secure Mobile. I am confident that not only have we created a process that will transform the mobility sector but will also deliver the very best experience for both leisure and business customers. For franchised dealerships and rental companies, Move Mee is providing a tremendous opportunity for them to deliver a new autonomous experience and develop new market sectors.” 

“With SixSense we transform the smartphone into a car key. Our digital key is easy to use, offers outstanding security at maximum compatibility and perfectly meets the digital access and authorization demands of customers as well as car rental agencies”, says Sven Gennermann, Managing Director of Huf Secure Mobile. "We are very pleased that we have found an innovative partner in Move Mee, who also provides a very customer-oriented platform solution. By integrating SixSense into the Move Mee app, we have a very strong package that offers cus-tomers as well as car rental companies a great deal and will be a pleasure to use.”

Huf „Key-Cloud“ for high security

Huf Secure Mobile is part of the globally active Huf Group, one of the leading manufacturers of highly secure car access and authorization systems. In its 112-year history, the company has set numerous milestones such as the first Passive Entry System or the Kick Sensor. Huf Secure Mobile was founded in 2014 and markets the digital key under the brand SixSense. These "digital keys" are transmitted from the Huf "Key-Cloud" via a secure wireless connection to the Huf Car Access Module installed in the rental car. The installation of this box, in which the car key is securely stored, is quick and without damaging the car. Thus SixSense can be integrated variably into every vehicle and prevents data theft or misuse.

At the NADA Show from February 14th to 17th, 2020, Move Mee and Huf Secure Mobile will present the innovative rental solutions in detail to trade fair visitors over four days. Interested persons are invited to visit booth 1208C in the “First time exhibitors showroom” adjacent to the Central Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center. 


About Move Mee
The Move Mee platform started life in 2018 with the sole objective of transforming the vehicle hire experience. Move Mee is a global Straight to Car platform that brings car rental into the 21st century. The app offers customers a one-time only registration and validation process, from which point they can access any car on the platform anywhere in the world. The Move Mee management team is formed of the very best from the car rental, car sharing, and rental aggre-gation markets along with formidable technical expertise which has revolutionized the mobility marketplace. 

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