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UN Global Compact Membership for Huf Group Since Start of 2018

UN Global Compact Membership for Huf Group since start of 2018

Sustainable corporate values have characterized the culture of every Huf Group location around the world for decades. As a member of the UN Global Compact (UNGC) since the start of the year, by signing, the Huf Group has also publicly committed itself to the ten UNGC principles, which concern human rights, labor standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption initiatives.

As an international automotive supplier with 24 companies in 16 countries, the standards of all subsidiary companies are implemented worldwide. In day-to-day work, this means, for example, following the continuous optimization of processes and production processes, improved criteria in materials procurement and stricter standards at the workplace. In addition, specific measures have been developed for different markets. 

With the Corporate Responsibility Report 2018, the Huf Group offers a detailed insight into the successful implementation of these ambitious targets. The consistent implementation of these standards at Huf Portuguesa was recognized appropriately with the “Great place to Work 2017” award.

“Every company has a responsibility towards society, the environment and employees. With the Corporate Responsibility Report, we highlight that we are committed to these standards,” says Johann Palluch, Chief Operating Officer at the Huf Group. Further progress reports in line with UNGC criteria are planned for the future.

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