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Huf announces partnership with Startup Autobahn to boost innovations for car access and authorization

Huf is an official partner of Startup Autobahn. At the opening ceremony of the tenth edition of the Expo event, which brings together all members of Startup Autobahn and provides insights into promising projects, Huf introduced itself as a new innovation partner. In the coming months, Huf will work with startups and established companies to identify new ideas and pursue the common goal of getting innovations on the road even faster.

"New mobility concepts, smart services as well as an increased demand for security and comfort change the ways of how users access cars", said Dr. Lars Placke, member of the Huf Group Management Board and the company’s champion for Startup Autobahn at Expo 10. "To bring fresh ideas on the road in close cooperation with external partners is a cornerstone in our innovation strategy. Therefore, Startup Autobahn is the ideal platform as it unites teams with so much expertise, creativity and passion. We are looking forward to find the perfect fit and jointly boost innovation in the automotive industry – and beyond."

Huf is a new “Ecosystem partner” at Startup Autobahn. The innovation platform is powered by Plug and Play, a leading technology accelerator based in Silicon Valley with more than 30 partners and 30,000 startups worldwide. Startup Autobahn is the largest accelerator in Europe and connects industry-leading corporations with young tech companies. In this network, members get the chance to evaluate potentials for pilot projects, jointly working on innovations that have the potential to turn into market-ready solutions. 

Experts from the Huf Innovation Team will work with startups on cutting-edge ideas. In addition to new products and services for car access and authorization, the Huf Innovation Team also is open to cooperate with startups and partners focusing on other aspects like Industry 4.0 production technologies or supporting sustainability concepts, e.g. developing alternative light-weight materials or re-use of materials. “Our considerable R+D invest and the high degree of registered patents are proof of our innovative power. But to invest in good ideas is just one side of the coin. Our primary goal is always to bring these ideas into series productions. We highly appreciate that partners at Startup Autobahn think the same way and jointly want to unleash new potential for our industry”, Lars Placke said at the Expo 10 in Stuttgart.  

As the leading automotive supplier for car access and authorization, Huf has been setting standards with several first to market products since decades. Regarding passive entry systems, for example, Huf has paved the way to hands-free car access with digital keys on smartphones and other mobile devices. Starting with the first infrared remote keys in 1989 and the first passive entry systems, Huf was also the first supplier that brought NFC technology (Near field communication) into door handles and thus enabled car owners to open cars with their smartphone. Today, Huf offers with its Phone as a Key system further comfort features not only by enabling hands-free access but also giving users the opportunity to book additional functions via smartphone app. Car manufacturers also benefit from these functions on demand by entering new business fields for future mobility services. 

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