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Huf Door Handle Module for New Model of Leading US-Manufacturer of Electric Vehicles

Automotive supplier Huf, specialist for secure car access and authorization systems, is extending its expertise for components for electric vehicles. One of the leading US-manufacturers of electric vehicles has placed a major order to deliver the entire door handle module for a new vehicle in the SUV segment, starting production in 2020. One highly distinctive design feature of the module is the flush-mounted door handle, which blends seamlessly with the design of the doors and emphasizes the new vehicle’s flowing lines.

“The extremely low mounting depth of our door handle module opens up new potential when it comes to the design of the doors. First, they can be much slimmer and so increase the usable interior space; and second, the more flexible positioning of the door handles allows designers to implement a variety of design concepts,” says Suat Kaya, head of product development at Huf in North America. This is especially important in electric vehicles because many carmakers want the side surfaces to be designed in a way that is unique, seamless and free of corners and angles.

The elegant chrome finish on the surface of the door handle and its high-quality look and feel underscore the premium character of the new model designed by the US manufacturer of leading edge vehicles. All you have to do to open the doors is gently press the rear section of the door handle, which will then fold out. The doors are unlocked completely electronically. The technical advantage of this over conventional mechanical systems is the low number of components and, in turn, the extremely robust and lightweight design.

The teams from Huf and the US customer are collaborating closely on this development project. “Due to the highly ambitious schedule, we have both established an extremely agile project management system. This strategy enabled us to reduce the entire development process from the initial concept through to the series product to less than one year. This must surely be a record in the automotive industry,” says Suat Kaya.

Huf will start production of the door handle module for the new electric SUV initially at its plant in the USA, with the aim to roll out production to other sites worldwide.

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