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Huf wins series order for Phone as a Key based on Ultra Wideband

High positioning accuracy, contactless car access and digital key management with a smartphone - Phone as a Key from Huf offers numerous advantages for the mobility of the future. A well-known European automotive manufacturer is also convinced of this and will equip the models of its global brands with the future-proof digital key system from Huf from 2025 onwards.

This makes Huf one of the first suppliers to go into series production with a Phone as a Key system based on Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology. "As a leading specialist in secure car access and authorization, we are consistently driving the shift towards digital solutions, relying on the particularly secure UWB technology. With Phone as a Key, we offer a scalable system that can be used in all vehicle classes and offers exceptional performance," says Tom Graf, CEO of Huf. "In the future, the customers of this well-known car manufacturer will benefit from this. We equip almost all model ranges of the company's various brands worldwide - from compact coupés to large SUVs - with our high-performance system and are very happy about the trust placed in us."

With Phone as a Key, Huf leverages the three technologies available in modern smartphones: Near Field Communication (NFC), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Ultra Wideband. The different technologies complement each other ideally and play to their strengths when approaching the vehicle. In particular, the new UWB technology enables very precise time-of-flight measurement and thus high positioning accuracy for new forms of car access. In addition to point-to-point measurement, the UWB sensors also have the ability to process radar signals and thus recognize people and their gestures.

Phone as a Key from Huf meets all the key standards for connectivity, compatibility, and security on the vehicle side. For example, the Phone as a Key electronic control unit was developed in accordance with the AUTOSAR automotive standard. For this sub-product, as well as all other components of Phone as a Key, Huf follows the cyber security guidelines ISO/SAE 21434 and complies with the corresponding manufacturer standards.

With the new wireless technology, Huf prevents so-called relay station attacks, in which thieves extend the signals of a wireless key in order to get into the car unnoticed. This is one of the reasons why Huf is very interested in establishing standards for the automotive as well as the mobile industry as soon as possible. As an active member of the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC), Huf is working on the standardization of digital car keys together with other automotive suppliers, manufacturers and tech giants such as Google, Samsung and Apple.

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Phone as a Key

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Michael Gorissen

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