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For an exceptional car access experience: Huf presents the Light Touch Emblem

Touching the senses: The Huf Light Touch Emblem guides vehicle users into modern cars via intuitive handling and offers an impressive product experience. Thanks to the compact design, car manufacturers profit from a high degree of design freedom and can integrate the Light Touch Emblem almost anywhere at the car with different functionalities.

The patented Huf Light Touch Emblem offers significant advantages for car manufacturers in direct comparison to numerous conventional access solutions: With its low overall height of around one centimeter, it can be placed almost anywhere on the car and can be seamlessly integrated into flowing design lines that car manufacturers are favoring, especially for electric vehicles. In addition, the geometric shape, size, and surface of the control element can be flexibly designed according to the requests of the car manufacturer. The Light Touch Emblem at the rear and for opening the front trunk lid are among the access solutions most in demand for electric vehicles. Due to the elimination of mechanical levers, the system is robust and low-maintenance and functions reliably even under extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

Huf Light Touch Emblem with illumination and vibration

"The transformation of the car is in full swing. Huf makes this transformation visible as soon as you approach the vehicle: The Huf Light Touch Emblem offers a new kind of access experience with intuitive user guidance, modern haptics and extraordinary wow effects," says Dirk Dieckhöfer, Head of Sales at Huf. "In addition to this inspiring experience for end users, we also offer our customers, the car manufacturers, new business models through in-app purchases and scalable features."

As the name suggests, the Light Touch Emblem appeals to the senses of sight and touch. The highlight: The brand emblem of the respective car manufacturer conceals new functionalities such as individual light effects that orchestrate the user's approach to the vehicle and thus improve user guidance. If the authorization sensors – which are part of the Phone as a Key digital key system from Huf, for example – have detected the user's approach, the Light Touch Emblem welcomes him or her from a greater distance with a discreet glow. As the user approaches the car, the illumination of the Light Touch Emblem changes to provide feedback and guidance to the user. Light colors and light signatures can be customized according to brand and model.  

However, the Light Touch Emblem not only pleases the eye of the beholder, it also appeals to other senses. A key convenience extra for car users is the large active control panel, which fills almost the entire surface of the control unit. The vehicle is opened by a light touch similar to a fingertip on a smartphone touchscreen. The emblem responds to the gentle touch with a vibration. If an app is available for the respective vehicle, users can individually adjust the vibration intensity as well as the light color of the Light Touch Emblem.


The animation showing the use case of the Light Touch Emblem can be easily shared via our Youtube channel:

Huf Light Touch Emblem - the smart car access solution - YouTube

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Michael Gorissen

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