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Huf equips BMW iX with flush door handles

BMW relies on flush door handles supplied by Huf for its new technology flagship, the BMW iX. The new flush door handles welcome the approaching driver with illumination, extraordinary design and appealing haptics to contribute to the important first impression.

"The BMW iX is a very impressive example of the transformation in automotive industry. We are very happy to contribute to this new car with our advanced access technologies and to provide the appropriate entry experience," says Dirk Dieckhöfer, Head of Business Unit Exterior & Access at Huf. "The new flush door handle provides an impressive 'welcome' effect. We have also developed a new emergency opening function especially for this fixed flush door handle, which enhances the safety level.”  

BMW iX with fixed flush door handles including new emergency opening  

In the BMW iX, the driver reaches into an illuminated recessed grip, operates a soft-touch surface with a light tap of the finger, and pulls the door open easily – accompanied by a gentle haptic feedback. The door handle is fixed and seamlessly integrated into the BMW iX car body. Also behind the door panel the handle system impresses with its minimalism and high functionality. The entire module consists of just five components, including a sophisticated fixing solution that holds the door handle in the door with merely a few fixed points – even in the case of an accident. Another advantage of the standardized door handle bracket: it can be easily integrated into other car models. Only the door handle trim needs to be adapted. The system thus offers a high degree of design freedom and scalability at low cost. In addition, Huf has integrated a circuit board with flexible antenna for NFC (Near Field Communication) and other technologies for passive entry.

Despite the numerous electronic components, mechanical redundancy is necessary to keep the high level of safety. For this reason, Huf has developed a new type of emergency opening. Just in case of a drained battery or an accident the emergency opening guarantees access to the interior. Behind a small flap in the handle recess the driver or a first aider can pull at a Bowden cable and unlock the door mechanically. Huf has thus also found a secure car access solution for this flush door handle system.

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